Our sustainability philosohy

Sustainability matters!

It saves resources, reduces GHG emissions, conserves water, improves health, increases productivity, costs less to operate and maintain, increasingly costs no more to build and produce, and most importantly leaves us a healthy planet.

GV’s sustainability vision is a fusion between Italian ecodesign and hightech that does more with less. Less resources, less energy, less hazardous materials, and less impact on the environment.

Circular design

We are transitioning from a linear to a circular world, and creativity has never been this important. The key to this circular world is a circular design that creates elegant, effective, creative solutions for the circular economy and provides solutions that are invaluable for people, advantageous for the businesses in a competitive market, and are regenerative for a world that has been degrading.

Conscious material choices

A high quality durable material that does not deteriorate for a sustainable approach

We supply porcelain tiles thinking about how the life cycle of this product is extremely long and offers an almost infinite duration. This translates into the absence of waste and a highly sustainable approach. All of our high quality products come from industry leaders who make sustainability their strong point. Certifications such as LEED ©, Sustainable, High Quality Material, are a demonstration of quality and commitment to sustainability.


We select products with certifications that are widely recognised and accepted by sustainable building programmes regulations worldwide.

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