We take care of our environment

Our Legacy of Green

Fiandre’s has accomplished the LEED requirements (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the system used to assess energy-environmental quality with the ultimate goal of high performance "green" buildings that respect nature.

The company was also recently added to the list of members of the Green Building Council, testimony of its dedication to the values of environmental eco-sustainability.

More than 70 Fiandre materials are made according to the parameters required for LEED certification, materials made using over 40% of recycled resources.

The latest certificate issued by the ANAB, Association of sustainable architecture, has also acknowledged this dedication by including Fiandre materials in the list of products certified for green building. What\'s more, UNESCO has offered the opportunity to join the circuit of UNESCO Heritage Italian cities with the common goal of working to preserve the cultural heritage and landscape of our country.

Respecting and protecting nature have been an important part of Fiandre\'s corporate philosophy since our initial startup in 1961, in the town of Castellarano, Italy, before environmental responsibility was mandated.

Today, we continue our extraordinary environmental commitment and stewardship at our state-of-the-art production facilities located in Italy, Germany, and the U.S.

We understand that a company’s environmental legacy begins with corporate values and that corporate values must be supported by people, systems, and actions to bring about positive results.


The environmental concern and integrity of the people who work at GranitiFiandre are the foundation of our Legacy of Green. Everyone at Fiandre – including staff and contractors – adhere to our environmental values and practices.


Our environmental management system measures and manages: production processes, logistics, maintenance, microclimate, water cycle, wastes, internal recycling, energy consumption and characteristics of the production site.


Since 1995, Fiandre\'s European facilities have operated under the strict guidelines of UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We hold the European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) designation for exceeding minimum legal compliance and continuously improving environmental performance.


On September 12, 2000, we became the first porcelain tile manufacturer in the world to achieve the specific requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

In 2003, our Legacy of Green continued with the Fiandre Group\'s construction of a new facility in Cumberland County, Tennessee, utilizing state-of-the-art environmental technology that ensured a sustainable manufacturing process from the beginning of the plant’s operation.


Fiandre’s Legacy of Green is vital to our production of porcelain surfacing products that are and always have been sustainable, green, and environmentally-friendly because they are made with 100% all natural minerals, including: quartz, kaolin, clay, feldspar, silica, and natural coloring agents. They are also sustainable because of what isn’t there: no sealants, waxes, epoxies, man-made binders, or artificial coloring agents that could add to harmful VOC off-gassing after installation.

A commitment to green necessitates a thorough understanding of a product’s future. Fiandre products are designed to last a lifetime. With a hardness rating that is 30% harder than granite and a low porosity rating, our materials are more durable than any other hard surfacing product. These characteristics result in a reduction of future materials usage, along with a high stain resistance that reduces maintenance requirements. And, our materials are chemically inert making them stable fill for construction sites and for use as ground material in road beds, which reduces the need for quarried gravel.

Our worldwide corporate environmental stewardship is hallmarked with significant investments in materials usage efficiency, water resource management, air quality protection, and energy efficiency.

PreConsumer Reycling

  • Fiandre production is a closed-loop process that recycles 100% of raw material and water wastes back into the production cycle.
  • Fiandre’s polishing factory reclaims residue from the polishing process and the material is fired into a durable ingredient for highway paving. All water from the polishing factory is recycled back into the production line.

Recycled Materials

Carton boxes for finished products

  • Plastic to pack the pallets
  • Paper in all offices

Installation Site Air Quality

  • Fiandre’s products do not contain added VOC’s. With proper use and maintenance, these materials help reduce overall off-gassing, which aids in meeting LEED interior air quality standards.
  • No sealants or waxes are required that could add harmful VOC’s to a building.
  • Stain-resistant surface reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents.
  • Simple maintenance with pH-neutral cleaning products is all that is needed.

Anti-Pollution Devices

Fiandre’s manufacturing facilities use anti-pollution devices that far exceed the minimum standards required by law including:

  • Smoke depurators
  • Sand depurators (regeneration and reutilization)
  • Water purifiers (total depuration, regeneration, and reutilization)
  • Reutilization of heat from the kilns
  • Reutilization of production losses

Materials Sourcing

Fiandre’s Cumberland County, Tennessee, manufacturing facility is located within 500 miles of major markets for LEED projects. In addition, the factory has been built nearby its major extraction sources for raw materials, which are also within a 500-mile distance to major LEED building markets.


The manufacturing process takes place with a minimal environmental impact and basically generates no by-products.

Graniti Vicentia once again exibhits its leadership also with the complete certification of the environmental, manufacturing and commercial cycles.

  • EMAS REGULATION: environmental efficiency standards for industrial activities and presentation of pertinent information to the public;
  • ISO 9001 NORM: equality system model which evaluates the organization's capability of supplying certain products or services;
  • ISO 14001 NORM: environmental management system model leading to the formulation of an environmental policy in which targets are established taking into account legal requirements and information on significant environmental impact.

GranitiFiandre porcelain tile materials offer a further guarantee for the environment also in the phase of the removal of the working residues.

At the end of their life cycle they do not require treatments since, due to the high chemical inertia, they do not release substances in the environment, they are fully considered inert materials.

All Fiandre porcelain tile products guarantee specifications which go beyond legal and industrial standards in Europe and in the United States in terms of hardness, freeze-thaw resistance, wear, and chemical attack.

Fiandre accomplishes this remaining environmentally conscious during both the extraction and processing stages.